Are you or someone you love going through a tough time?

Don’t go alone!

Our Society Doesn’t Understand Grief

Miscarriage. Loss of a loved one. Cancer. Divorce. Suicide. Hospice. Loss of a close friendship. Employment loss. Family caregiving. An unplanned out-of-state move.

These are just some of the many names “grief” goes by.

What are we supposed to say to others going through difficult times? Why don’t others understand our own grief challenges – to the point that it can feel isolating? How do we “get through” grief… and should that even be the goal? At some point, will we be okay again?

Molly Shaffer is a certified grief coach, specializing in helping individuals understand, process and grow through the grief journey by partnering in a personalized, purposeful and renewing manner.

If you or a loved one is going through a major challenge or transition, you don’t need to walk alone. Molly is your partner in grief recovery.

What is “Grief Coaching?”

It’s not counseling. Coaching doesn’t try to diagnose the source of grief or overcome specific grief challenges. But it does take a positive and proactive look ahead at life through the grieving process.

“I don’t know how I could have made it through without Molly’s help. Our time together didn’t change my circumstances, but by walking beside me, she helped me process the situation in an empathetic and meaningful way.

I wouldn’t want to go through this situation again, but if I do, I want Molly there beside me.”

– Grief Recovery Client

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